Who You′ll Meet

Find the Hidden Villa and discover a cast of culinary characters that appreciate a back-to-basics Italian lifestyle. Organic, natural & biodynamic methods from local chefs, restaurateurs, and wine makers will take you on a tour of Italy that no one else can. With deep roots in the region, we can take you off the beaten path to experience central Italy as a true insider.



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Caterina Mirabelli

My name is Caterina, I am a Roman, and you can often find me eating and drinking all around the world but more often than not you will find me taking in the pleasures of San Francisco and Umbria. I learned cooking from my dad, a Michelin star pastry chef. At 9 years old I managed to accomplish my first plate of “cacio e pepe”, a Roman version of mac and cheese. I spent most of my summer vacations at our farm, where I was constantly being chased by the geese that would land in our field, I am still scared of them. This is also where I learned all about the organic and biodynamic farming practices, and where I sipped my first glass of wine, with water of course since I was only 12, to celebrate the end of a long day in the field. It was later in my life where I truly enjoyed and mastered the knowledge of wine. My passion for food and wine allowed me to complete my skills in many amazing foundations like the gastronomic science of Pollenzio and completing all my sommelier levels at AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier) of Rome.  I have an inordinate passion for travelling, poetry books and chocolate chip cookies. When I’m working off all the food and wine I embark in mountaineering adventures and my biggest passion of rock climbing. I drive around in my beat up Triumph Bonneville with my life long teddy bear (Chucky) always at my side.  In my last 10 years I have been working as a beverage director for many successful restaurants in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I have also had the fortune to work and travel in many vineyards around the globe. 2016 will be the year where I will accomplish the greatest gift of life…becoming a MOM.